10 Best Cities to Retire In California


Photo by PeteBobb

Photo by PeteBobb

Sunny California is a great place to retire, right? Well, there are certain cities and towns which are better suited than others to retire in California, as is the case with any other state. But, for those who want warm weather, and great year round activities, this is a state which is welcoming to the elderly.

In fact, there are a number of cities which have great retirement communities, activities like golfing, nightlife, and local dining for retirees to enjoy. When deciding where to move in California however, there are certain areas which you will want to avoid as a retiree. Not only because of younger crowds, but also higher crime rates and higher cost of living.

With all this said, these are the top ten cities to consider moving to, for those who wish to retire in California. Not only is cost of living lower, but the 65 plus communities are vibrant, crime rates are lower, and there is plenty for the elderly population to enjoy in these great cities in the state of California.


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