10 Best Cities to Retire In Connecticut


Retirement in Connecticut is something that can be extremely enjoyable, as long as you choose the right Connecticut retirement city to move to. From the premier weather, to locals in your age group, to low crime rates, there are a number of things retirees look for when deciding where to live and where to call home when time comes for them to retire.

Because there are many retirement cities in the state to choose from, you have to consider what you enjoy doing, as well as the type of people you want to live with. For some, you may prefer a city which has more of a blend of inhabitants, while other retirees are going to choose a Connecticut retirement city which is comprised mainly of other retirees. Cost of living is an important factor to consider, especially if you are on a fixed income or budget upon retiring.

Regardless of what you desire or what you seek out when retiring, there are many great Connecticut cities for you to consider moving to. Consider a few of these as top options when planning where to move, if you seek an inviting community which you will feel safe and comfortable living.


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