10 Things Only Pitbull Owners Understand


pitbullAs with every other dog breed, the Pitbull is a distinct one of a kind dog. As an owner, you already know this. For those who are considering owning one, there are some things you may want to know about the Pitbull, prior to bringing one home.

From their attitude, to the type of things they will do or mess up in the home, to whether or not they are good with kids, as a Pitbull owner you likely already know these quirks your dog has. And, for all others, whether you are a dog lover or not, there are some things you will not fully understand unless you yourself own one of these great dogs.

Sure, to the outsider they seem distant, dangerous, and like the type of dog you do not want to anger. For the Pitbull owner, you know this not to be the case. These are a few of the many things only an owner of this dog breed will fully understand about the lovable animal.


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