7 Facts About Wine: Is Wine Good or Bad?



For wine drinkers, the question of whether wine is good or bad for you, is one which is often debated. Ultimately, each drinker will be the one who determines what is good or bad for them, whether they should drink, how often they should drink, and the type of wines they should drink. With this said, it is important to know a few facts about wine. What it does for the body, how it can attack the body, how it can heal, and so forth.

Whether you are a red or white wine drinker, drink socially or daily, or like a particular brand of wine, there are many known facts about wine, which not all wine drinkers are familiar with. So, taking the time to learn a few of these facts, as well as the effects wine ultimately has on you, are some things that one must consider, if they do drink, and if they drink on a regular basis.

Regardless of where you sit on the issue of whether you believe wine is good or bad for you, these are a few facts everyone should know about wine and its consumption. At the end of the day, you decide what is good, what is bad, and whether or not drinking wine is the right thing for you.


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